6 strokes

turn into, become, get, grow, elapse, reach



Common words

  • 成長せいちょう
    growth, development, growing up, becoming an adult, growth (of a company, the economy, etc.)
  • 成立せいりつ
    formation, establishment, materialization, coming into existence, conclusion (e.g. of a deal), reaching (e.g. an agreement), approval, completion, closing, enacting, arrangement, being valid (of a theory, argument, etc.), holding, applying
  • 成果せいか
    (good) result, outcome, fruits (of one's labors), product, accomplishment
  • 編成へんせい
    composition, formation, organization, organisation, compilation
  • 賛成さんせい
    approval, agreement, support, favour, favor
  • 結成けっせい
    formation, combination
  • 成績せいせき
    results, record, grades, marks
  • 成功せいこう
    success, achievement, succeeding (in life), (worldly) success, prosperity
  • 構成こうせい
    composition, construction, formation, makeup, structure, organization, organisation
  • 完成かんせい
    completion, perfection, accomplishment
  • 形成けいせい
    formation, molding, making (up), taking form, giving form to, repair (e.g. with plastic surgery), replacement, -plasty
  • 達成たっせい
    achievement, attainment, accomplishment, realization
  • 平成へいせい
    Heisei era (1989.1.8-2019.4.30)
  • 作成さくせい
    making (a report, plan, contract, etc.), drawing up, writing out, preparing, creating (a file, website, account, etc.)
  • 成分せいぶん
    ingredient, component, composition
  • 既成きせい
    established, existing, accomplished, accepted, completed
  • 成人せいじん
    adult, grownup, becoming an adult, coming of age, growing up (to be a man, woman)
  • 養成ようせい
    training, education, development, cultivation
  • 合成ごうせい
    composition, synthesis, compounding, combining, composite photo, (function) composition
  • 成熟せいじゅく
    maturity, ripeness