7 strokes




Common words

  • 警戒けいかい
    vigilance, caution, alertness, precaution, being on guard
  • 懲戒ちょうかい
    discipline, punishment, reprimand
  • 戒律かいりつ
    (religious) precept, discipline, commandment, mitzvah
  • 戒めいましめ
    caution, admonition, warning, lesson, prohibition, ban, commandment, precept, punishment, caution, guard
  • 戒めるいましめる
    to warn against, to caution against, to admonish, to scold, to rebuke, to prohibit, to forbid, to ban, to be cautious, to detest, to loathe, to punish
  • 厳戒げんかい
    strict guard
  • 訓戒くんかい
    warning, admonition, lesson or a phrase that teaches you not to do something