13 strokes

war, battle, match



Common words

  • 戦後せんご
    postwar period, period after Second World War
  • 戦争せんそう
    war, fighting, fierce competition
  • 冷戦れいせん
    cold war, the Cold War
  • 戦闘せんとう
    battle, fight, combat
  • 作戦さくせん
    tactics, strategy, military operation, naval operation
  • 戦略せんりゃく
    strategy, tactics
  • 戦いたたかい
    battle, war, fight, conflict, fight (against time, poverty, etc.), struggle (for freedom, survival, etc.), war (e.g. on drugs), battle (e.g. against nature), contest, competition, match, game
  • 挑戦ちょうせん
    challenge, defiance, dare, attempt, try
  • 内戦ないせん
    civil war
  • 大戦たいせん
    great war, great battle, world war
  • 終戦しゅうせん
    end of war, cessation of hostilities
  • 戦前せんぜん
    pre-war days, before the war
  • 敗戦はいせん
    defeat, lost battle, losing a war
  • 戦車せんしゃ
    tank (military vehicle), chariot
  • 合戦かっせん
    battle, fight, fighting, engagement, contest
  • 戦場せんじょう
    battlefield, battleground
  • 反戦はんせん
  • 休戦きゅうせん
    cease-fire, truce, armistice
  • いくさ
    war, battle, campaign, fight, troops, forces
  • 交戦こうせん
    war, battle, hostilities