4 strokes




Common words

  • hand, arm, forepaw, foreleg, handle, hand, worker, help, trouble, care, effort, means, way, trick, move, technique, workmanship, hand, handwriting, kind, type, sort, one's hands, one's possession, ability to cope, hand (of cards), direction, move (in go, shogi, etc.)
  • 選手せんしゅ
    player (of a sport), athlete, team member
  • 大手おおて
    major company, big company, front castle gate, force attacking the front of a castle
  • 相手あいて
    companion, partner, company, other party, addressee, opponent (sports, etc.)
  • 取っ手とって
    handle, grip, knob
  • 手続きてつづき
    procedure, process, proceedings, formalities
  • 若手わかて
    young person
  • 手術しゅじゅつ
    surgery, operation, procedure, skill with one's hands, sleight of hand
  • 手段しゅだん
    means, way, measure
  • 手紙てがみ
    letter, missive, note, mail
  • 歌手かしゅ
  • 運転手うんてんしゅ
    driver, chauffeur
  • 手数料てすうりょう
    (handling) fee, charge (e.g. for a cancellation), commission, brokerage
  • 拍手はくしゅ
    clapping hands, applause, clapping one's hands in prayer (at a shrine)
  • 助手じょしゅ
    assistant, helper, assistant (to a professor), research assistant
  • 手当てあて
    salary, pay, compensation, allowance (e.g. housing allowance), benefit, bonus, medical care, treatment, advance preparation
  • 右手みぎて
    right hand, right-hand side, right-hand direction, (on) the right
  • 切手きって
    stamp (postage), merchandise certificate
  • 手前てまえ
    before oneself, in front of one, nearby, a bit before reaching (a location), this side (of a location), one's standpoint, one's appearance, face, honour, skill, dexterity, artistry, ingenuity, tea-ceremony procedures, I, me, you
  • 派手はで
    showy, loud, flashy, gaudy