6 strokes

handle, entertain, thresh, strip



Common words

  • 取り扱いとりあつかい
    treatment, service, handling, management
  • 扱うあつかう
    to deal with (a person), to treat, to handle, to take care of, to entertain, to deal with (a problem), to handle, to manage, to operate (e.g. a machine), to handle, to work, to deal in, to sell, to cover (a topic), to treat, to discuss, to take up, to treat A as B, to mediate (an argument), to be too much for one, to find unmanageable, to gossip
  • 取り扱うとりあつかう
    to handle, to operate (a machine, etc.), to use, to deal with (an issue), to manage, to treat (someone), to deal with (someone), to deal in, to carry, to sell