8 strokes

acquiesce, hear, listen to, be informed, receive



Common words

  • 承認しょうにん
    recognition, acknowledgement, acknowledgment, approval, consent, agreement
  • 了承りょうしょう
    acknowledgement, acknowledgment, understanding, approval, consent
  • 継承けいしょう
    inheritance, succession, accession, share-alike
  • 承知しょうち
    knowledge, awareness, acceptance, consent, assent, agreement, compliance, acknowledgment, acknowledgement, forgiving, pardoning, excusing
  • 承諾しょうだく
    consent, approval, acceptance, agreement, compliance
  • 承服しょうふく
    accepting, consenting, agreeing, submission, compliance, agreement, consent
  • 承るうけたまわる
    to hear, to be told, to know, to receive (order), to undertake, to comply, to take (a reservation, etc.)