7 strokes

throw, discard, abandon, launch into, join, invest in, hurl, give up, sell at a loss



Common words

  • 投資とうし
  • 投票とうひょう
    voting, ballot, poll, vote
  • 投機とうき
    speculation, venture, stockjobbing, gambling (on stocks)
  • 投書とうしょ
    letter (e.g. of complaint), letter to the editor, letter from a reader, contribution (to a newspaper, magazine, etc.)
  • 投稿とうこう
    contribution (to a newspaper, magazine, etc.), submission, post (on a blog, social media, etc.)
  • 投じるとうじる
    to throw, to cast (e.g. vote, light, shadow), to devote oneself (e.g. to a cause), to invest, to put in, to administer (medicine), to give, to surrender, to take advantage of, to make full use of, to fit well with, to match with, to be in tune with, to stay (at a lodging)
  • 投射とうしゃ
    projection (of an image)
  • 投影とうえい
  • 投げるなげる
    to throw, to hurl, to fling, to toss, to cast, to give up, to abandon, to throw away, to cast (a glance, shadow, doubt, etc.)