8 strokes

shouldering, carry, raise, bear



Common words

  • 担当たんとう
    being in charge (of an area of responsibility), being responsible (for a work role, etc.)
  • 負担ふたん
    burden, load, responsibility, bearing (a cost, responsibility, etc.), shouldering
  • 担保たんぽ
    security, guarantee, collateral (e.g. mortgage)
  • 分担ぶんたん
    taking on one's share (e.g. of work), dividing (work, expenses, etc.) between, apportionment, allotment, allocation, assignment
  • 担任たんにん
    being in charge of (esp. a class or subject), taking charge of, class teacher, homeroom teacher, form teacher
  • 担架たんか
    stretcher, litter (medical), gurney
  • 担ぐかつぐ
    to shoulder, to carry on one's shoulder, to nominate for a position, to choose as a representative, to take (someone) for a ride, to deceive, to take in, to be caught up in superstition
  • 担うになう
    to carry on one's shoulder, to shoulder, to bear, to bear (burden, responsibility, etc.), to take upon oneself