9 strokes

pick up, gather, find, go on foot, ten



Common words

  • 収拾しゅうしゅう
    control, bringing under control, settling (a matter), putting in order
  • 拾い物ひろいもの
    a find, windfall, bargain
  • 拾得しゅうとく
    finding (lost property), picking up
  • 拾うひろう
    to pick up, to gather, to find (and pick up; something someone has dropped), to select, to choose, to pick out, to get (unexpectedly), to hit upon (luck, an opportunity, etc.), to snatch (an unexpected victory), to pull off, to pick up (someone in a car), to flag down (a taxi), to hail, to pick up (a signal, sound, interference, etc.), to (just manage to) return (the ball), to return (a difficult shot), to take on (someone in adverse circumstances), to employ, to give a job, to take in, to walk, to go on foot