9 strokes

pinch, between



Common words

  • 挟むはさむ
    to hold between (e.g. one's fingers, chopsticks), to grip (from both sides), to put between, to sandwich between, to insert, to interpose, to catch (e.g. a finger in a door), to trap, to pinch, to insert (e.g. a break into proceedings), to interpose (e.g. an objection), to interject, to throw in (e.g. a joke), to be on either side of (a road, table, etc.), to have between each other, to be across (a street, river, etc.), to harbour (feelings), to cast (e.g. doubt)
  • 挟み撃ちはさみうち
    attack on both sides, pincer movement, double envelopment
  • 挟まるはさまる
    to get between, to be caught in