10 strokes

catch, capture



Common words

  • 逮捕たいほ
    arrest, apprehension, capture
  • 捕虜ほりょ
    prisoner (of war), POW, captive
  • 捕鯨ほげい
    whaling, whale hunting, whale fishing
  • 捕獲ほかく
    capture, seizure
  • 捕るとる
    to catch (a wild animal, fish, insect, baseball, etc.), to capture
  • 捕まえるつかまえる
    to catch, to capture, to arrest, to seize, to restrain, to grab, to clutch, to grasp, to seize, to hold on to, to catch hold of (someone), to stop (e.g. a stranger in the street), to hail (a taxi, waiter, etc.), to hold (someone) back, to detain, towards (someone), at (someone), in (someone's) face
  • 捕らわれるとらわれる
    to be caught, to be captured, to be taken prisoner, to be arrested, to be apprehended, to be seized with (fear, etc.), to be a slave to, to stick to, to adhere to, to be swayed by
  • 捕まるつかまる
    to be caught, to be arrested, to hold on to, to grasp, to find (e.g. proof), to get (e.g. a taxi), to be detained by