11 strokes

impart, instruct, grant, confer



Common words

  • 教授きょうじゅ
    professor, teaching, instruction
  • 授業じゅぎょう
    lesson, class, teaching, instruction, classwork, schoolwork
  • 助教授じょきょうじゅ
    assistant professor, associate professor
  • 授受じゅじゅ
    giving and receiving, transferring, transfer, changing hands
  • 授与じゅよ
    awarding, conferment, granting, presentation
  • 授賞じゅしょう
    awarding a prize, prize-giving, giving an award
  • 授かるさずかる
    to be awarded (e.g. a prize), to be given an award, to receive (e.g. a title), to be gifted or endowed (e.g. with a talent), to be blessed (e.g. with a child), to be initiated (e.g. into a secret)
  • 授けるさずける
    to grant, to give, to confer, to award, to teach, to instruct, to impart (knowledge)