11 strokes

grope, search, look for



Common words

  • 探検たんけん
    exploration, expedition
  • 探すさがす
    to search for, to look for, to hunt for, to seek, to search (a house, pocket, etc.), to search through, to rummage in (e.g. a drawer), to fish around
  • 探偵たんてい
    detective, investigator, sleuth, detective work, secret investigation
  • 手探りてさぐり
    fumbling, groping
  • 探求たんきゅう
    search, quest, pursuit
  • 探究たんきゅう
    research, investigation, enquiry, inquiry, study
  • 探索たんさく
    search, lookup, hunt, (item of) research, exploration, investigation
  • 探知たんち
  • 探るさぐる
    to feel around for, to fumble for, to grope for, to search for, to look for, to investigate, to probe into, to spy on, to sound out, to explore (parts unknown), to enjoy (natural beauty)
  • 探訪たんぼう
    searching, hunting for news story, journalist