11 strokes

touch, contact, adjoin, piece together



Common words

  • 直接ちょくせつ
    direct, immediate, personal, firsthand
  • 接触せっしょく
    touch, contact, touching
  • 面接めんせつ
    interview (e.g. for a job)
  • 密接みっせつ
    close (relationship, connection, etc.), intimate, near, being in close proximity, being adjacent
  • 接近せっきん
    getting closer, drawing nearer, approaching, being not much different, being near (age, skill, etc.), becoming close (i.e. friendly), becoming intimate
  • 接するせっする
    to touch, to come in contact with, to border on, to adjoin, to be adjacent, to be close, to receive (e.g. visitor), to attend to, to serve, to take care of, to look after, to act towards, to deal with, to see, to receive (news), to get, to hear, to encounter, to come across, to be tangent to, to make touch, to bring into contact with, to bring adjacent to, to bring close, to connect
  • 接待せったい
    entertainment (of guests; esp. in the corporate world), treating (to food and drinks), wining and dining
  • 間接かんせつ
    indirection, indirectness
  • 隣接りんせつ
    adjacency, contiguity, being adjoined
  • 応接おうせつ
    reception (e.g. of visitors), dealing with
  • 接続せつぞく
    connection, attachment, union, join, joint, link, changing trains, conjunction