11 strokes

conjecture, infer, guess, suppose, support, push (for)



Common words

  • 推進すいしん
    propulsion, drive, promotion (of a policy, project, movement, etc.), furtherance, advancement, pushing forward
  • 推薦すいせん
    recommendation, referral, endorsement
  • 推定すいてい
    presumption, assumption, estimation
  • 推理すいり
    reasoning, inference, deduction, mystery genre, detective genre
  • 推測すいそく
    guess, conjecture
  • 推奨すいしょう
    recommendation, endorsement
  • 推すおす
    to recommend, to endorse (e.g. a candidate), to nominate, to support, to back, to infer (from), to deduce, to gather, to conjecture, to surmise, to think (something) through, to ponder deeply
  • 推論すいろん
    inference, deduction, induction, reasoning
  • 類推るいすい
    analogy, analogical reasoning, analogical inference, analogy