12 strokes

grip, hold, mould sushi, bribe



Common words

  • 握手あくしゅ
    handshake, reconciliation, joining hands, cooperation
  • 把握はあく
    understanding, grasp, grasping (with one's hand), hold, grip, catch
  • 握るにぎる
    to clasp, to grasp, to grip, to clutch, to hold (the answer), to have (e.g. the solution), to be the key, to be the reason, to seize (power), to hold (the reins), to dominate, to control, to make (nigirizushi, rice ball, etc.), to form (with one's hands), to press into shape, to mold, to mould
  • 掌握しょうあく
    grasping, seizing, holding, commanding, having control over
  • 一握りひとにぎり
    handful, small amount, small number
  • 握力あくりょく
    grip (of hand), grip strength
  • 握り飯にぎりめし
    rice ball
  • 握り締めるにぎりしめる
    to grasp tightly