13 strokes

portable, carry (in hand), armed with, bring along



Common words

  • 連携れんけい
    cooperation, coordination, link
  • 提携ていけい
    cooperation, tie-up, joint business, partnership, alliance, sponsorship
  • 携帯けいたい
    carrying (on one's person or in the hand), mobile phone, cell phone
  • 携わるたずさわる
    to engage in, to participate in, to take part in, to be involved in
  • 携えるたずさえる
    to carry in one's hand, to carry with one, to have on one's person, to bear, to take along (someone), to take (someone) with one, to be accompanied by
  • 必携ひっけい
    handbook, manual, vade mecum, essential item, must-have