16 strokes

maneuver, manipulate, operate, steer, chastity, virginity, fidelity



Common words

  • 操作そうさ
    operation, management, handling, manipulating (to one's benefit), manipulation, influencing
  • 操縦そうじゅう
    steering, piloting, flying, control, operation, handling, management (of people), handling, manipulation, maneuvering
  • 体操たいそう
    gymnastics, physical exercises, artistic gymnastics, gymnastics competition, physical education (class), PE
  • みさお
    fidelity, honour, honor, constancy, chastity (of a woman), faithfulness (e.g. to one's husband)
  • 節操せっそう
    constancy, integrity, fidelity, principle, faithfulness, honor, honour
  • 操るあやつる
    to operate (e.g. a machine), to handle, to manage, to control, to maneuver, to steer, to have a good command of (a language), to play proficiently (of a musical instrument), to work (a puppet), to pull the strings of a puppet, to manipulate (a person, public opinion, etc.), to pull the strings, to control from the shadows, to mastermind