4 strokes

branch, support, sustain, branch radical (no. 65)



Common words

  • 支持しじ
    support, backing, endorsement, approval, propping up, holding up, support
  • 支援しえん
    support, backing, aid, assistance
  • 支局しきょく
    branch office
  • 支店してん
    branch office, branch store
  • 支払いしはらい
  • 支配しはい
    rule, domination, control, direction, management, guidance, control (of one's destiny, public opinion, etc.), governing, influence, sway, government
  • 収支しゅうし
    income and expenditure
  • 支部しぶ
    branch, subdivision
  • 支出ししゅつ
    expenditure, disbursement, expenses
  • 支給しきゅう
    provision, supply, payment, allowance, grant
  • 支障ししょう
    obstacle, hindrance, impediment, difficulty
  • 支社ししゃ
    branch office
  • 支払うしはらう
    to pay
  • 支度したく
    preparation, arrangements
  • 支柱しちゅう
    prop, stay, support, brace, fulcrum
  • 支流しりゅう
    tributary, branch
  • 差し支えるさしつかえる
    to interfere (with), to hinder, to be hindered (from doing), to become impeded, to have difficulty, to suffer inconvenience
  • 差し支えさしつかえ
    hindrance, impediment