8 strokes

set free, release, fire, shoot, emit, banish, liberate



Common words

  • 放送ほうそう
    broadcasting, broadcast, program, announcement
  • 開放かいほう
    opening (a door, window, etc.), leaving open, opening up (e.g. to the public), allowing (public) access
  • 解放かいほう
    release, unleashing, liberation, emancipation, setting free, deallocation (of computer memory)
  • 追放ついほう
    exile, banishment, eviction, deportation, purge, expulsion, ousting, elimination (e.g. of poverty), removal
  • 放るほうる
    to throw, to fling, to hurl, to toss, to neglect, to abandon, to leave alone, to give up on, to leave undone, to leave unfinished
  • 放射能ほうしゃのう
  • 放射性ほうしゃせい
  • 放棄ほうき
    abandonment, renouncement, renunciation, resignation, abdication, surrender, relinquishing, waiving, giving up
  • 放火ほうか
    arson, setting fire
  • 釈放しゃくほう
    release, liberation, acquittal
  • 放題ほうだい
    (doing) as one pleases, to one's heart's content, letting (something) go unchecked, leaving uncontrolled, leaving (something) to take its own course
  • 放置ほうち
    leaving as is, leaving alone, leaving to chance, neglecting, abandoning
  • 奔放ほんぽう
    wild, uninhibited, extravagant, rampant
  • 見放すみはなす
    to abandon, to give up on, to desert
  • 放つはなつ
    to fire (gun, arrow, questions, etc.), to shoot, to hit (e.g. baseball), to break wind, to set free, to release, to let loose, to emit (e.g. light), to give off (e.g. a scent), to send out (a person to carry out a duty), to set fire to
  • 放牧ほうぼく
    pasturage, grazing
  • 放任ほうにん
    noninterference, leaving something to take its own course, giving someone a free hand with something
  • 放逐ほうちく
    expulsion, ousting, ejection, dismissal, banishment
  • 放すはなす
    to release, to let go, to free, to set free, to let loose, to turn loose, to add (pieces of eggplant, potato, etc.) to water, broth, etc.