9 strokes

happenstance, especially, intentionally, reason, cause, circumstances, the late, therefore, consequently



Common words

  • 事故じこ
    accident, incident, trouble, circumstances, reasons
  • 故障こしょう
    fault, trouble, breakdown, failure, being out of order, damage (to a part of the body), injury, hurt, problem, hitch, obstacle, hindrance, objection, protest
  • 故郷ふるさと
    hometown, birthplace, native place, one's old home, ruins, historic remains
  • 交通事故こうつうじこ
    traffic accident
  • 故人こじん
    the deceased, the departed, old friend, longtime acquaintance
  • 故意こい
    intent, intention, bad faith, mens rea (guilty mind)
  • 故国ここく
    one's native land
  • 故事こじ
    historical event, ancient event, tradition, folklore, legend, origin
  • 故にゆえに
    therefore, consequently
  • 何故なぜ
    why, how