11 strokes

failure, defeat, reversal



Common words

  • 腐敗ふはい
    decomposition, putrefaction, putrescence, spoilage, corruption, degeneracy, decay, depravity
  • 失敗しっぱい
    failure, mistake, blunder
  • 敗戦はいせん
    defeat, lost battle, losing a war
  • 敗北はいぼく
    defeat, loss, reverse, setback
  • 勝敗しょうはい
    victory or defeat, outcome (of a game, battle, etc.)
  • 惨敗ざんぱい
    ignominious defeat, crushing failure, utterly beaten, overwhelming defeat
  • 敗者はいしゃ
    loser, defeated person, the defeated
  • 敗訴はいそ
    loss of a (legal) case
  • 完敗かんぱい
    (suffering a) complete defeat, utter defeat, annihilation
  • 惜敗せきはい
    regrettable defeat, defeat by a narrow margin