12 strokes

awe, respect, honor, revere



Common words

  • 敬意けいい
    respect, honour, honor
  • 尊敬そんけい
    respect, esteem, reverence, honour, honor
  • 敬遠けいえん
    pretending to respect (someone) while in fact staying distant, keeping at arm's length, giving a wide berth, avoiding (something unpleasant), shying away from, giving (the batter) an "intentional walk"
  • 敬老けいろう
    respect for the aged
  • 敬語けいご
    honorific, term of respect, polite expression, honorific language
  • 失敬しっけい
    rudeness, impoliteness, disrespect, impertinence, leaving, going (on one's way), saying goodbye, taking without permission, stealing, pinching, pilfering, my apologies, I must be going now, so long