16 strokes

organize, arranging, tune, tone, meter, key (music)



Common words

  • 調整ちょうせい
    adjustment, regulation, coordination, reconciliation, tuning, fixing, tailoring
  • 整備せいび
    maintenance, servicing, putting in place, development, improvement, preparation, provision, equipping, outfitting
  • 整理せいり
    sorting, arrangement, organization, putting in order, adjustment, regulation, liquidation, settlement, consolidation, clearance (e.g. debt), paying off, retrenchment, curtailment, cutting down, disposal
  • 整形外科せいけいげか
    orthopedic surgery, orthopaedic surgery, orthopedics, orthopaedics, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery
  • 整うととのう
    to be ready, to be prepared, to be arranged, to be in order, to be put in order, to be well-ordered, to be well-proportioned, to be harmonious, to be adjusted, to be regulated, to be refined (e.g. of a face), to be settled (e.g. treaty, contract), to be completed
  • 整列せいれつ
    standing in a row, forming a line, alignment