15 strokes

enemy, foe, opponent



Common words

  • てき
    opponent, rival, adversary, menace, danger, threat, enemy
  • 匹敵ひってき
    to be a match for, to rival, to equal, to compare with, to be equivalent to
  • 敵対てきたい
    hostility, antagonism, opposition
  • 素敵すてき
    lovely, wonderful, nice, great, fantastic, superb, cool
  • 強敵きょうてき
    formidable enemy, strong enemy, tough enemy
  • 敵意てきい
    hostility, animosity, enmity
  • 宿敵しゅくてき
    old enemy, longtime enemy, arch-enemy, traditional rival, longstanding foe
  • 不敵ふてき
    daring, fearless, intrepid, bold, tough