15 strokes

spread, pave, sit, promulgate



Common words

  • 敷地しきち
    site, plot, lot, grounds
  • 敷き布団しきぶとん
    futon (laid on the floor), (Japanese) mattress, underquilt, sleeping mat
  • 下敷きしたじき
    desk pad, sheet of plastic (or cardboard, felt, etc.) placed under writing paper, underlay, being pinned under, being caught under, being trapped under, being buried under, being crushed beneath, model, pattern
  • 敷設ふせつ
    laying (a railroad, pipes, naval mines, etc.), construction
  • 座敷ざしき
    tatami room, tatami mat room, formal Japanese room, dinner party in a tatami room (esp. when a geisha or maiko attends)
  • 敷金しききん
    (security) deposit, caution money
  • 敷居しきい
    threshold (esp. one with grooves for sliding doors), sill