9 strokes

give, bestow, perform, alms



Common words

  • 施設しせつ
    institution, establishment, facility, home (for elderly, orphans, etc.)
  • 実施じっし
    enforcement, implementation, putting into practice, carrying out, operation, working (e.g. working parameters), enactment
  • 施行しこう
    putting in force (a law), putting into operation, putting into effect, enforcement, carrying out (a plan, policy, etc.), execution
  • 施政しせい
    government, administration, statesmanship
  • 施すほどこす
    to give (time, money, goods), to donate, to do, to perform, to conduct, to apply (processing, makeup, etc.), to add (e.g. ornamentation, annotation), to sow, to seed, to scatter (e.g. fertilizer), to sprinkle, to spread far and wide