10 strokes

trip, travel



Common words

  • 旅行りょこう
    travel, trip, journey, excursion, tour
  • たび
    travel, trip, journey
  • 旅客りょかく
    passenger, traveller, traveler, tourist
  • 旅館りょかん
    ryokan, traditional Japanese inn
  • 旅券りょけん
  • 旅客機りょかくき
    passenger plane
  • 修学旅行しゅうがくりょこう
    excursion, field trip, school trip
  • 旅費りょひ
    travel expenses
  • 旅先たびさき
    destination, place one stays during a trip
  • 旅立つたびだつ
    to begin a trip, to depart, to embark, to die, to pass away, to depart this life
  • 旅人たびびと
    traveller, traveler, wayfarer, tourist
  • 船旅ふなたび
    trip by boat, sea trip, voyage, cruise