6 strokes

early, fast



Common words

  • 早期そうき
    early stage
  • 早朝そうちょう
    early morning
  • 早々そうそう
    as soon as..., just after..., immediately after..., hurriedly, in haste, quickly, promptly, early
  • 早めるはやめる
    to bring forward (e.g. by 3 hours), to advance, to hasten (e.g. one's death), to expedite, to precipitate, to quicken (e.g. one's step), to speed up, to accelerate
  • 素早いすばやい
    quick, swift, nimble, agile, quick (understanding, judgement, etc.), alert, prompt
  • 時期尚早じきしょうそう
  • 早いはやい
    fast, quick, rapid, swift, speedy, brisk, prompt, early, soon, earlier than usual, premature, too soon, too early, easy, simple, quick, fast, as soon as ..., the moment ..., the instant ...
  • 早口はやくち
    fast-talking, rapid talking
  • 早瀬はやせ
    swift current, rapids
  • 早春そうしゅん
    early spring
  • 手早いてばやい
    nimble, quick, agile
  • 早起きはやおき
    early rising
  • 早まるはやまる
    to be brought forward (e.g. by three hours), to be moved up, to be advanced, to be hasty, to be rash, to quicken, to speed up, to gather speed
  • 早速さっそく
    at once, immediately, without delay, promptly
  • 早稲わせ
    early ripening rice, early-ripening fruit (grain, etc.), person who becomes physically or mentally mature at an early age
  • 早退そうたい
    leaving early
  • 早熟そうじゅく
    precocity, early ripening, premature development
  • 早寝はやね
    go to bed early