9 strokes

reflect, reflection, projection



Common words

  • 映画えいが
    movie, film, motion picture
  • 映像えいぞう
    image (on a screen), picture (e.g. on a TV), video, film, footage, reflection, image (in one's mind), mental picture
  • 上映じょうえい
    screening (a movie), showing
  • 映画館えいがかん
    movie theatre, movie theater, cinema
  • 反映はんえい
    reflection (of light), reflection (of society, attitudes, etc.), application (of an update, changes, etc.), taking effect
  • 映るうつる
    to be reflected, to harmonize with (harmonise), to come out (photo), to be projected, to be displayed (on a screen)
  • 映すうつす
    to project, to reflect, to cast (shadow)
  • 映写機えいしゃき
    movie projector, film projector, cine projector