9 strokes

springtime, spring (season)



Common words

  • はる
    spring, springtime, New Year, prime (of life), height (of one's prosperity), heyday, adolescence, puberty, sexuality, sexual desire
  • 春闘しゅんとう
    spring labor offensive, annual spring wage bargaining round
  • 青春せいしゅん
    youth, springtime of life, adolescent
  • 売春ばいしゅん
  • 春秋しゅんじゅう
    spring and autumn, spring and fall, years, age, The Spring and Autumn Annals, The Chronicles of Lu, Chunqiu, Ch'un Ch'iu
  • 早春そうしゅん
    early spring
  • 春分しゅんぶん
    vernal equinox, spring equinox
  • 立春りっしゅん
    first day of spring (according to the traditional lunisolar calendar, approx. February 4)
  • 春夏秋冬しゅんかしゅうとう
    spring, summer, autumn (fall) and winter, the four seasons