12 strokes

scenery, view



Common words

  • 景気けいき
    business conditions, the market, economic activity, economic climate, good (economic) times, prosperity, boom, liveliness, energy, vigour, vigor, spirit
  • 背景はいけい
    background, scenery, backdrop, setting, background (of an incident, situation, etc.), circumstances, context, backing, support (from behind the scenes)
  • 風景ふうけい
    scenery, scene, landscape, view, sight, scene (e.g. of a crime)
  • 光景こうけい
    scene, spectacle, sight, view
  • 不景気ふけいき
    economic slump, hard times, depression, recession, poor (business), dull, slack, inactive, gloomy, cheerless, dismal
  • 景色けしき
    scenery, scene, landscape
  • 夜景やけい
    night view, night skyline, nightscape
  • 景勝けいしょう
    picturesque scenery, place of scenic beauty, advantageous position, strategic location