12 strokes

sultry, hot, summer heat



Common words

  • 暑さあつさ
    heat (of the weather), hotness
  • 猛暑もうしょ
    heat wave, fierce heat
  • 残暑ざんしょ
    late summer heat, lingering summer heat
  • 酷暑こくしょ
    intense heat, severe heat
  • 避暑ひしょ
    escaping the summer heat, going somewhere cooler during the summer, summering
  • 暑いあつい
    hot, warm, sultry, heated, passionate, impassioned, burning (desire, etc.), on everybody's mind, on the radar, du jour, interested (gaze, etc.)
  • 蒸し暑いむしあつい
    humid, sultry
  • 暑中しょちゅう
    height of summer, high summer, hottest part of the summer