12 strokes

exchange, spare, substitute, per-



Common words

  • 為替かわせ
    money order, draft, exchange (e.g. foreign)
  • 代替だいたい
    substitution, alternative, substitute
  • 切り替えきりかえ
    exchange, conversion, replacement, switching (to), switchover
  • 振替ふりかえ
    transfer, switching over, change, money transfer (usu. between accounts held by the same person), postal transfer
  • 両替りょうがえ
    change, money exchange
  • 着替えきがえ
    changing clothes, change of clothes
  • 着替えるきがえる
    to change (one's clothes)
  • 替わるかわる
    to succeed, to relieve, to replace, to take the place of, to substitute for, to take over for, to represent, to hand over (telephone), to be exchanged, to change (places with), to switch
  • 立て替えるたてかえる
    to pay for someone else (with the expectation of being reimbursed later), to lend someone the money to pay for (e.g. rent), to make a temporary payment on someone's behalf