12 strokes

utmost, most, extreme



Common words

  • 最近さいきん
    recently, lately, these days, nowadays, right now, nearest, closest
  • 最終さいしゅう
    last, final, closing, last train (bus, flight, etc.; of the day)
  • 最ももっとも
    most, extremely
  • 最大さいだい
    biggest, greatest, largest, maximum
  • 最高さいこう
    best, supreme, wonderful, finest, highest, maximum, most, uppermost, supreme
  • 最後さいご
    end, conclusion, last, final, latest, most recent, no sooner than, once, right after (often having negative consequences), one's final moments
  • 最初さいしょ
    beginning, outset, first, onset
  • 最低さいてい
    least, lowest, minimum, worst, awful, horrible, nasty, disgusting, at the very least
  • 最悪さいあく
    worst, horrible, horrid, awful, terrible, in the worst case, if worst comes to worst
  • 最新さいしん
    latest, newest, late-breaking (news)
  • 最大限さいだいげん
    maximum, to the maximum degree, to the full
  • 最小限さいしょうげん
    minimum, lowest, minimal, least
  • 最適さいてき
    most suitable, optimum, optimal, best
  • 最先端さいせんたん
    cutting edge, leading edge, forefront, state of the art, tip, end
  • 最強さいきょう
  • 最上さいじょう
  • 最小さいしょう
    smallest (in size, degree, etc.), least, minimum, minimal
  • 最盛期さいせいき
    golden age, prime, heyday, height of prosperity, season (for fruit, vegetables, etc.), best time
  • 最期さいご
    one's last moment, one's death, one's end
  • 最良さいりょう
    the best, ideal