6 strokes

possess, have, exist, happen, occur, approx



Common words

  • 有力ゆうりょく
    influential, prominent, strong, likely, plausible, potent
  • 有効ゆうこう
    valid, effective, yuko (judo)
  • 有名ゆうめい
    famous, fame
  • 有権者ゆうけんしゃ
    (eligible) voter, elector, constituent, the electorate, holder of a right, rightsholder, right holder, bigwig, person with political clout
  • 有利ゆうり
    advantageous, favourable, better, stronger, profitable, lucrative, gainful, paying
  • 所有しょゆう
    one's possessions, ownership
  • 有罪ゆうざい
    guilt, culpability
  • 有無うむ
    existence or nonexistence, presence or absence, consent or refusal, yes or no
  • 有料ゆうりょう
    fee-charging, paid, not free, toll road
  • 有価証券ゆうかしょうけん
    marketable securities, stocks and bonds
  • 有害ゆうがい
    harmful, hazardous
  • 特有とくゆう
    characteristic (of), peculiar (to)
  • 固有こゆう
    characteristic, traditional, peculiar, inherent, native, eigen-
  • 有志ゆうし
    interested person, volunteer, supporter
  • 国有こくゆう
    national ownership, state ownership, government ownership
  • 有望ゆうぼう
    good prospects, full of hope, promising
  • 私有しゆう
    private ownership
  • 共有きょうゆう
    joint ownership, co-ownership, sharing (e.g. a viewpoint), sharing (files, devices on a network, posts on social media, etc.)
  • 有意義ゆういぎ
    significant, useful, meaningful, worthwhile, valuable, of interest
  • 有益ゆうえき
    beneficial, profitable, useful, helpful, instructive