8 strokes

clothing, admit, obey, discharge



Common words

  • ふく
    clothes (esp. Western clothes), counter for doses of medicine, gulps of tea, drags of a cigarette, etc.
  • 制服せいふく
  • 服装ふくそう
    garments, attire
  • 不服ふふく
    dissatisfaction, discontent, disapproval, objection, complaint, protest, disagreement
  • 洋服ようふく
    Western-style clothes (cf. traditional Japanese clothes)
  • 克服こくふく
    conquest (of a difficulty, illness, crisis, etc.), overcoming, surmounting, bringing under control
  • 衣服いふく
  • 和服わふく
    Japanese clothes
  • 服役ふくえき
    penal servitude, serving time in prison, military service, forced labor, compulsory service
  • 服飾ふくしょく
    clothing and accessories, attire
  • 服用ふくよう
    taking medicine, dosing
  • 征服せいふく
    conquest, subjugation, overcoming (a difficulty), conquering (e.g. a mountain), mastery (of a skill)
  • 呉服ごふく
    cloth (for Japanese clothes), kimono fabrics, textile, drapery, dry goods, piece goods, silk fabrics
  • 被服ひふく
  • 承服しょうふく
    accepting, consenting, agreeing, submission, compliance, agreement, consent
  • 服従ふくじゅう
    obedience, submission, resignation
  • 礼服れいふく
    formal dress, ceremonial dress, morning dress, evening dress, dress suit
  • 着服ちゃくふく
    embezzlement, misappropriation, pocketing, dressing oneself, putting on clothes
  • 喪服もふく
    mourning dress
  • 既製服きせいふく
    ready-made clothes