11 strokes

ambition, full moon, hope, desire, aspire to, expect



Common words

  • 希望きぼう
    hope, wish, aspiration, (bright) prospects, expectation
  • 要望ようぼう
    demand for, request
  • 展望てんぼう
    view, outlook, prospect
  • 絶望ぜつぼう
    despair, hopelessness
  • 望みのぞみ
    wish, desire, hope, prospect, expectation, (one's) hopes
  • 志望しぼう
    wish, desire, ambition, choice
  • 失望しつぼう
    disappointment, despair
  • 願望がんぼう
    desire, wish, aspiration
  • 望むのぞむ
    to desire, to want, to wish for, to hope for, to expect (of someone), to hope for, to look forward to, to see, to command (a view of), to overlook
  • 有望ゆうぼう
    good prospects, full of hope, promising
  • 待望たいぼう
    waiting expectantly, waiting eagerly, looking forward to, long-awaited
  • 望遠鏡ぼうえんきょう
  • 欲望よくぼう
    desire, appetite, lust
  • 望ましいのぞましい
    desirable, hoped for, preferable, advisable
  • 待ち望むまちのぞむ
    to wait eagerly for, to look forward to
  • 眺望ちょうぼう
    prospect, view, outlook
  • 嘱望しょくぼう
    having great hopes for (someone's future), expecting much of, pinning one's hopes on
  • 渇望かつぼう
    craving, longing, thirsting