5 strokes

un-, not yet, hitherto, still, even now, sign of the ram, 1-3PM, eighth sign of Chinese zodiac



Common words

  • 未明みめい
    early dawn, grey of morning, gray of morning
  • 未来みらい
    (distant) future, future existence, world beyond the grave, the world to come, future (tense)
  • 未満みまん
    less than, under, below
  • 未定みてい
    not yet fixed, undecided, pending
  • 未遂みすい
    failed attempt (at a crime, suicide, etc.)
  • 未知みち
    not yet known, unknown, strange
  • 未婚みこん
    unmarried, not yet married
  • 未成年みせいねん
    minor, not of age
  • 未然みぜん
    before it happens, previously
  • 前代未聞ぜんだいみもん
    unheard-of, unprecedented, unparalleled in history (unparallelled), record-breaking
  • 未熟みじゅく
    unripe, green, inexperienced, immature, unskilled
  • 未亡人みぼうじん
  • 未練みれん
    lingering attachment, lingering affection, regret, reluctance, ruefulness
  • 未完成みかんせい
    incomplete, unfinished, imperfect
  • 未納みのう
    payment default, overdue on a payment
  • 未開みかい
    uncivilized, uncivilised, primitive, savage, undeveloped (land), unexplored (territory, field, etc.), unbloomed (flower)
  • 未決みけつ
    pending, undecided, unconvicted, awaiting judgement