5 strokes

book, present, main, origin, true, real, counter for long cylindrical things



Common words

  • 本社ほんしゃ
    head office, main office, headquarters, parent company, main shrine, this company, this shrine
  • 基本きほん
    basics, fundamentals, basis, foundation
  • 本部ほんぶ
    headquarters, head office, main office
  • 日本人にほんじん
    Japanese person
  • 本当ほんとう
    truth, reality, actuality, fact, proper, right, correct, official, genuine, authentic, real, natural, veritable
  • 本人ほんにん
    the person in question, the person themselves, said person
  • 本塁打ほんるいだ
    home run
  • 日本語にほんご
    Japanese (language)
  • 本格的ほんかくてき
    genuine, real, authentic, standard, orthodox, full-scale, full-blown, all-out, full-fledged, fully fledged, full, proper, real, earnest, serious
  • 資本しほん
    funds, capital
  • 本来ほんらい
    originally, primarily, essentially, intrinsically, naturally, by nature, in (and of) itself, proper, rightful, legal, normal
  • 本名ほんみょう
    real name
  • 本体ほんたい
    substance, real form, main part, main unit, body (of a machine), this machine, this appliance, object of worship (at a shrine, temple, etc.), noumenon, base price, pre-tax price
  • 本音ほんね
    real intention, motive, true opinion, what one really thinks
  • 脚本きゃくほん
    script, screenplay, scenario
  • 本店ほんてん
    head office, main office, main store, flagship store, this store, our store
  • 本質ほんしつ
    essence, true nature, substance, reality
  • 本物ほんもの
    genuine article, real thing, real deal
  • 日本海にほんかい
    Sea of Japan
  • 本国ほんごく
    home country, one's own country, country of origin, suzerain country (from the perspective of the vassal state), colonizing country, country of one's ancestors, this country