5 strokes

tag, paper money, counter for bonds, placard, bid



Common words

  • 入札にゅうさつ
    bid, tender, bidding
  • ふだ
    ticket, token, check, receipt, label, tag, sign, card, plate, playing card, charm, talisman, slip of paper posted on shrine pillars by pilgrims
  • 落札らくさつ
    successful bid, winning a tender
  • 改札かいさつ
    examination of tickets, ticket gate, ticket barrier
  • 札束さつたば
    roll of banknotes
  • 名札なふだ
    name plate, name tag, label
  • 表札ひょうさつ
    nameplate, doorplate
  • 立て札たてふだ
    bulletin board, notice board, billboard, roadside sign, sign on a post, usu. wooden, esp. containing information about a sight, warning, congratulations, etc.