7 strokes

bundle, sheaf, ream, tie in bundles, govern, manage, control



Common words

  • 約束やくそく
    promise, agreement, arrangement, one's word, contract, pact, appointment, engagement, date, convention, rule, destiny, fate
  • 結束けっそく
    union, unity, solidarity, bundling, binding, tying, putting on (clothes, armour, etc.)
  • 拘束こうそく
    restriction, restraint, binding, constraint
  • 花束はなたば
    bunch of flowers, bouquet
  • たば
    bundle, bunch, sheaf
  • 札束さつたば
    roll of banknotes
  • 束縛そくばく
    restraint, restriction, fetters, yoke, shackles, binding, confinement with rope
  • 束ねるたばねる
    to tie up in a bundle (e.g. straw, hair, bills, letters), to bundle, to sheathe, to govern, to manage, to control, to administer, to fold (one's arms), to put together (one's hands)