9 strokes

dye, color, paint, stain, print



Common words

  • 汚染おせん
    pollution, contamination
  • 感染かんせん
    infection, contagion, becoming infected, being infected (e.g. with harmful ideas), being influenced (by)
  • 染色せんしょく
    dyeing, staining, dyed colour (color)
  • 染めるそめる
    to dye, to colour, to color
  • 染まるそまる
    to be dyed, to be tainted, to be infected, to be stained, to be steeped
  • 染みるしみる
    to pierce, to penetrate, to soak in, to permeate, to sting (wound or sensitive area, etc.), to smart, to twinge, to be infected (with vice), to be steeped (with prejudice), to be influenced, to feel keenly, to make a deep impression
  • 染みしみ
    stain, spot, smudge, blot, smear, blotch, spot (on one's skin, e.g. chloasma, liver spot), blemish, discoloration, freckle