10 strokes

status, rank, capacity, character, case (law, grammar)



Common words

  • 価格かかく
    price, value, cost
  • 格差かくさ
    qualitative difference, disparity, gap
  • 資格しかく
    qualifications, requirements, capabilities
  • 性格せいかく
    character (of a person), personality, disposition, nature, characteristics, nature (of a thing, event, etc.)
  • 本格的ほんかくてき
    genuine, real, authentic, standard, orthodox, full-scale, full-blown, all-out, full-fledged, fully fledged, full, proper, real, earnest, serious
  • 格好かっこう
    shape, form, figure, posture, pose, appearance, state, situation, suitable, fit, reasonable, about
  • 合格ごうかく
    passing (an exam), pass, success, passing grade, meeting (specifications, standards, etc.), passing (inspection), qualification, being found eligible
  • 骨格こっかく
    skeleton, skeletal structure, build, frame, physique, framework
  • 昇格しょうかく
    promotion, raising of status
  • 人格じんかく
    personality, character, individuality, personhood
  • 厳格げんかく
    strict, severe, stern, rigid, rigorous, tough
  • 不合格ふごうかく
    (examination) failure, rejection, disqualification
  • 体格たいかく
    physique, constitution
  • 格闘かくとう
    (hand-to-hand) fight, grapple, scuffle, tussle, struggling (with a problem, task, etc.), grappling, wrestling, getting to grips (with)
  • 失格しっかく
    disqualification, elimination, incapacity, being unfit for one's role, being a failure
  • かく
    status, position, rank, method, way, style, rule, regulation, law, case, figure (form of a syllogism)
  • 格別かくべつ
    particular, special, exceptional, especial, particularly, especially, exceptionally
  • 格子こうし
    lattice, latticework, window bars, grid, grating, trellis
  • 同格どうかく
    the same rank, equality, apposition