10 strokes




Common words

  • うめ
    Japanese apricot (Prunus mume), Japanese plum, ume, Chinese plum, lowest (of a three-tier ranking system)
  • 梅雨つゆ
    (East Asian) rainy season (in Japan, usu. from early June to mid-July), rain during the rainy season
  • 梅雨明けつゆあけ
    end of the rainy season
  • 梅雨入りつゆいり
    entering the rainy season, beginning of the rainy season
  • 梅干しうめぼし
    umeboshi, pickled dried ume, pickled dried plum
  • 梅酒うめしゅ
    ume liqueur, Japanese plum brandy, unripe ume infused in liquor (esp. shōchū) with added sugar
  • 紅梅こうばい
    red-blossomed plum tree, red Japanese apricot