13 strokes

business, vocation, arts, performance



Common words

  • 企業きぎょう
    enterprise, business, company, corporation
  • 農業のうぎょう
  • 産業さんぎょう
    industry, livelihood, occupation
  • 作業さぎょう
    work, operation, task
  • 事業じぎょう
    project, enterprise, business, industry, operations, venture, service, act, deed, conduct
  • ぎょう
    work, business, company, agency, study
  • 工業こうぎょう
    (manufacturing) industry
  • 営業えいぎょう
    business, trade, operations, sales
  • 卒業そつぎょう
    graduation, completion (of a course), moving on (from), outgrowing (something), leaving (a group, company, etc.), quitting
  • 職業しょくぎょう
    occupation, profession, job, vocation, trade, calling, business
  • 授業じゅぎょう
    lesson, class, teaching, instruction, classwork, schoolwork
  • 従業員じゅうぎょういん
    employee, worker
  • 失業しつぎょう
    unemployment, losing one's job, becoming unemployed
  • 商業しょうぎょう
    commerce, trade, business
  • 中小企業ちゅうしょうきぎょう
    small and medium-sized enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses
  • 漁業ぎょぎょう
    fishing industry, fishery
  • 休業きゅうぎょう
    suspension of business, temporary closure (of a store, school, etc.), shutdown, holiday
  • 残業ざんぎょう
    overtime (work)
  • 実業家じつぎょうか
    businessman, entrepreneur, captain of industry
  • 林業りんぎょう