13 strokes

music, comfort, ease



Common words

  • 音楽おんがく
  • 楽しみたのしみ
    enjoyment, pleasure, diversion, amusement, hobby, anticipation, looking forward to
  • 楽器がっき
    musical instrument
  • 娯楽ごらく
    amusement, entertainment, recreation, pleasure, pastime, hobby
  • 楽観的らっかんてき
    optimistic, hopeful
  • 気楽きらく
    carefree, comfortable, at ease, easygoing, happy-go-lucky
  • らく
    comfort, ease, relief, (at) peace, relaxation, easy, simple, without trouble, without hardships, (economically) comfortable, raku pottery, sukha (happiness)
  • 安楽死あんらくし
  • 文楽ぶんらく
    bunraku, Japanese puppet theatre (theater)
  • 交響楽こうきょうがく
    symphony (orchestra)
  • 楽しいたのしい
    enjoyable, fun, pleasant, happy, delightful
  • 楽譜がくふ
    score, sheet music
  • 楽しむたのしむ
    to enjoy, to take pleasure in, to have a good time, to have fun, to look forward to
  • 楽園らくえん
    paradise, Eden
  • 行楽こうらく
    outing, excursion, pleasure trip, going on a picnic
  • 管弦楽団かんげんがくだん
  • 管弦楽かんげんがく
    orchestral music
  • 快楽かいらく
    pleasure, supreme pleasure obtained by freeing oneself from earthly desires
  • 打楽器だがっき
    percussion instrument
  • 雅楽ががく
    old Japanese court music, gagaku