14 strokes

posture, build, pretend



Common words

  • 機構きこう
    mechanism, machinery, system, structure, organization, framework
  • 構造こうぞう
    structure, construction, makeup, framework, organization, pattern
  • 構想こうそう
    plan, plot, idea, conception, vision, scheme
  • 構成こうせい
    composition, construction, formation, makeup, structure, organization, organisation
  • 結構けっこう
    splendid, nice, wonderful, delightful, lovely, excellent, fine, sufficient, satisfactory, enough, fine, all right, OK, not needing (any more of something), (already) having enough, fine (as in "I'm fine"), no, thank you, rather, quite, fairly, pretty, surprisingly, quite a bit, fairly well, structure, construction, framework, architecture
  • 構うかまう
    to mind, to care about, to be concerned about, to have a regard for, to be an issue, to matter, to create inconvenience, to keep company, to care for, to look after, to entertain, to pay attention to, to spend time with, to interfere with, to meddle in, to tease, to banish, to prohibit
  • 心構えこころがまえ
    preparedness, readiness, mental attitude, frame of mind
  • 虚構きょこう
    fiction, fabrication, concoction
  • 待ち構えるまちかまえる
    to lie in wait (for), to be on the watch (for), to wait (for), to watch (for)
  • 構いませんかまいません
    no problem, it doesn't matter