14 strokes

imitation, copy, mock



Common words

  • 規模きぼ
    scale, scope, plan, structure
  • 模様もよう
    pattern, figure, design, state, condition, conjecture of the current situation, the way it seems, model, pattern, example, indicates that something seems likely (e.g. rain or storm), framework, territorial framework, moyo
  • 模型もけい
    model, dummy, maquette
  • 模擬もぎ
  • 模範もはん
    exemplar, model, example, pattern
  • 模造もぞう
    imitation, counterfeit, fake, sham, ersatz (object)
  • 模倣もほう
    imitation, copying
  • 模試もし
    mock exam, practice exam, practice test