15 strokes

authority, power, rights



Common words

  • 政権せいけん
    (political) administration, political power
  • 権利けんり
    right, privilege
  • 人権じんけん
    human rights, civil liberties
  • 権力けんりょく
    (political) power, authority, influence
  • 有権者ゆうけんしゃ
    (eligible) voter, elector, constituent, the electorate, holder of a right, rightsholder, right holder, bigwig, person with political clout
  • 権限けんげん
    power, authority, jurisdiction
  • 主権しゅけん
    sovereignty, supremacy, dominion
  • 権威けんい
    authority, power, influence, prestige, (an) authority (on), expert
  • 棄権きけん
    abstention (from voting), renunciation (of a right), withdrawal (from a contest)
  • 拒否権きょひけん
    right of veto
  • 特権とっけん
    privilege, special right
  • 参政権さんせいけん
    suffrage, franchise
  • 覇権はけん
  • けん
    right (to do something), authority, power
  • 版権はんけん
    copyright, publishing rights
  • 越権えっけん
    going beyond authority, unauthorized, unauthorised, ultra vires
  • 黙秘権もくひけん
    right to keep silent, right to silence, right to remain silent